The Living by Giving Trust was set up to assist as diverse a group of people as was possible, so the Trustees decided that one way to do this was by collecting used stamps. Let us explain moreā€¦.

Everyone receives letters through the post – especially at Christmas and birthdays. Most will include a nice stamp on the envelope – whether it’s a normal second class stamp or an exciting celebratory stamp. We don’t mind, because various charities will want to collect all kinds of stamps to help support their initiatives.

The Living by Giving Trust has decided to collect used stamps and then send them on to a worthy charity every six months. Each time we will ask our loyal supporters to choose a charity to support, which will mean we can help two different charities a year and reach out to more people in a very simple way.

If would like to be involved, please simply send your used stamps to: Stamps, 2 Skylark Place, St Ives, PE27 5DL. Please make sure that the paper around the stamp is cut as close as possible to it, so it’s not too heavy for you to send. Next month, we’ll then ask our supporters to vote for their favourite charity for us to send them to (please also let us know if you have any suggestions too, below).

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Stamps

  1. I have just seen your Stamp Appeal and have a lot of stamps to send to you! I wondered if I could suggest a charity which is very close to my heart which may be able to use stamps that you receive…it is called Post Pals. People simply send smiles in the post…cards and small gifts to children who are suffering with terminal or life limiting illnesses. Here is their website Thank you for reading this.

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