Happy Fifth Birthday to us



Happy five years to us! We were founded five years ago with the remit to:

i) To provide respite, relief and assistance for the suffering and distress of children and vulnerable adults who have disabilities, or who are physically or emotionally deprived or neglected, and their families.
ii) The relief of the sick/poor living in the UK either generally or individually through the provision of grants, goods or services.
iii) To advance in life and (relieve needs of) (help) young people.

Thank you for your support over the last five years, we really appreciate it. Thanks to you, we have been able to support so many people and charities.

New Trustees Wanted

After a successful first year, the Living by Giving Trust is looking to appoint two
new trustees who will help us develop our projects yet further. We invite applications
from people who are…

  • enthusiastic about the contribution that charities make to society
  • able to demonstrate their commitment to voluntary work
  • supportive of our aims to improve the condition of people’s lives, as described in our Trust Deed and on our website (www.livingbygivingtrust.com)
  • willing to work as part of a team of Trustees, which meets about four times a year, normally in London
  • able to add skills to our Board, such as fundraising, publicity, outreach, administration, etc

To apply please send a letter of introduction by Friday 25 November 2011 to Matt Betts by emailing: contact@livingbygivingtrust.com. For further information, please contact our chairman, Johan Bergström-Allen, by emailing:chair@livingbygivingtrust.com

Successful applicants will be invited to interview in central London on the evening of Friday 2 December 2011.

Become part of our team!

Next month the Living by Giving Trust is proud to celebrate a year of registered charitable status! Our first cycle of projects (2010 – 2013) will be associated with the young and our theme is: ‘Living By Giving… Young People New Experiences’, more details of which will be published here soon.

As we grow as a charity in the UK we would like to set up a small fundraising committee of like-minded people to help us in our fundraising goals. If you would like to be a part of our fundraising committee, please email Dail Maudsley at Dail@livingbygivingtrust.com.

There are no specific requirements other than being willing to get stuck in, but if you’re also creative and resourceful we definitely want to hear from you!

The Frontline Homeless Soup Run Group

The Living by Giving Trust has recently purchased vital equipment to ensure that a Soup Run for London homeless was able to continue it’s good work.

The Frontline Homeless Soup Run Group has been running for over twenty years simply by the volunteering and goodwill of local people in Stamford Hill, North London who make sandwiches, tea, coffee, soup, etc for homeless people in central London every Saturday evening.

Recently the majority of the Group’s equipment was lost or stolen and they had no way of continuing with no budget to buy replacements until the Living by Giving Trust stepped in. It meant that the group could successfully serve the homeless during the Christmas period (some of our photos can be seen below).

Trust-ing in people’s goodness

I’m writing this short blog on a train travelling from York down to London where we’re about to have the first meeting of the trustees of the Glanfield Hospitalite Trust. It’s an exciting occasion because I know there’s so much energy and enthusiasm out there amongst people who want to make the world a better and more loving place, and GHT is going to do its best to help them help others.

Almost as exciting… once the trustees have got through the agenda – a heavy one for our first meeting – we’re going to have a curry together. It’s hard work doing stuff for charity!