Welcome to Team Bea’s very own Trust page

24th October 2012: “The Living by Giving Trust is deeply saddened to hear of the death of Beatrice Rogers. Those who knew Baby Bea and who saw the loving care she received from her family were inspired and enriched. Our deepest sympathy to Bea’s parents, sisters, wider family and friends. As a charity we were privileged to help Baby Bea, and our support for “Team Bea” will continue to help her family treasure her memory forever. ”

The Living By Giving Trust Charity and the Rogers Family initially teamed up in order to set up a special Trust Fund for Bea to ensure she had the best quality of life, and the opportunity to fulfil as much of her potential as she can. Sadly Bea passed away in October 2012, but we will keep the project going in memory of little Bea.

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