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The Living by Giving Trust is deeply saddened to hear of the death of Beatrice Rogers. Those who knew Baby Bea and who saw the loving care she received from her family were inspired and enriched. Our deepest sympathy to Bea’s parents, sisters, wider family and friends. As a charity we were privileged to help Baby Bea, and our support for “Team Bea” will continue to help her family treasure her memory forever.

For more information or to donate to Team Bea, please see: All about Team Bea

16 thoughts on “Beatrice Rogers – Team Bea

  1. Darling little beauty Bea … I knew you only from Mumsnet, but I followed your journey from birth, always hoping, always praying … captivated by those beautiful, gorgeous, big, dark eyes! Your time on this earth was not long enough .. but what a life … surrounded by so much love …not one of us could ever wish for more in truth! And you achieved so much too – you threw away the early prognoses and developed and grew far, far more than anybody ever predicted, trailing in your wake admiring and inspired supporters. Whenever I meet someone with profound disabilities now I think “That’s somebody’s Bea” and it’s changed how I respond and I cannot thank you enough for that, beautiful little butterfly. I know you are gone now from this earth and that makes those left behind oh so sad and aching but you are safe and happy and guarding the gate to Heaven for your mummy and daddy and your sisters. God bless you little one, I never met you but I will never forget you.

  2. So privileged to have met beautiful Bea and her amazing family. Looking at photos of her life make me smile as it is so clear that she was surrounded by love. Such an amazing little girl xxx

  3. I have followed your story from birth. God speed little one. You have bought so much joy. Remembering the beauty with the most amazing eyes!

  4. I only knew you from a distant baby bea, I travelled your adventures with you and the tea set family because your lovely mummy shared you with me.
    You are a tiny precious angel sent from heaven for a very short time, to make a huge impact on many lives.
    Your short life reminded me of what is important, your family showed me true love and that so much can be fitted in to life.
    Beatrice primrose, you are a true inspiration, the brightest star ever to shine.
    Light heaven up they way you lit up earth.
    You will never be forgotten.

  5. As Ben Jonson said – ”

    IT is not growing like a tree
    In bulk, doth make man better be;
    Or standing long an oak, three hundred year,
    To fall a log at last, dry, bald, and sere:
    A lily of a day
    Is fairer far in May,
    Although it fall and die that night;
    It was the plant and flower of light.
    In small proportions we just beauties see;
    And in short measures, life may perfect be”

  6. I never met Bea but like others followed her remarkable story on a website. Her mummy posted all that she was doing and she sure did her lot in her one yr,one month, one week. And for all that time she was loved. My thoughts go out to the whole family. Remembering the beautiful girl with the big eyes. Sleep tight Bea x

  7. To a beautiful girl who packed so much love and fun into her time your beautiful sparkle brightened up the world.

    Sleep tight my sweetheart xxxxx

    To mummy and daddy and the girls I hope you can take strength from the many people who shared your story and the highs and the lows and are with you all the way.

  8. A very sad day, we never got to see Bea in person but Dave and Liz brought her close through Facebook. Thinking of you all.

  9. Our thoughts to Bea’s family.

    She was an inspiration and a brightly shining light in a sometimes deary world.

    Her strength and her families love were a beauty to behold.

    Take your rest now Bea xxx

  10. I never met you Bea but you’ve touched my life profoundly. I’ve thought of you most days since you were born, always checking for updates from your mum on your life and what you were up to. You were such a brave, strong fighter and such a special person. I’m not great with words but I wanted to put something here about you. Sleep tight little Bea, I can’t think of many who have touched so many people’s lives in such a short space of time xxx

  11. Goodnight beautiful Bea it was such an honor to have met you, I will never forget the wonderful cuddles and those big beautiful eyes, you have touched the lives of so many people in your short little life, sweet dreams little one, you will never be forgotten xxxxxx

  12. My dear Beatrice… What a lovely and special little angel! I will never forget you and your amazing family. Keep shining, little star xxx

  13. From the first moment i met you i knew just how special you were, a little fighter, with beautiful big bright eyes ready to take everything in. With a loving family and close network of friends everyone is very lucky to have known you. Now you can rest in peace and watch over your family and friends. Sleep tight little bright eyed baby Beatrice primrose, i am honoured to have known you xxx<3 xxx

  14. Beautiful butterfly

    A beautiful butterfly flies high above.
    It gracefully emits, warm rays of love.
    flies & swings its wings, like a dove.

    beautiful colours, it glitters like gold
    Sweet, calm, sweet message it holds
    Warm, tender it’s lights never grow old.

    It opens it wings & makes day brighter.
    It sends sweet rays, makes heart lighter.
    it breathes love, to make faces softer.

    It warmly charms hearts, soul & minds,
    cheerful smile, merit in it wing you’ll find.
    The purest flush in it’s eyes wink so kind

    A beautiful child borne to the most special family who loved and cared for her with all their heart. Bea captured everyones heart and I feel blessed to have met her and her gorgeous family xxx

  15. Beatrice Primose you’ve grown your wings and left the earth today
    You will be in people’s hearts and thoughts and forever you will stay ♥
    You touched so many people with your life so near and far
    and now you will be the brightest ever shining star ♥
    Beatrice you are a beauty who everyone loves and adores
    Your eyes always shined bright and everyone will forever remember yours.
    Sleep tight little angel, we all love you
    And our love to you will forever remain true xxxx

    Rest in Peace darling Beatrice. I was so honoured to know you, cuddle you and be a part of your life xxxxxx

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