Six weeks on…(giving up TV)

Thank you very much for all the support and sponsorship I’ve received so far. Last month, I decided to do the unthinkable (for me anyway) and not watch any television, or DVDs, for SEVEN weeks until 3rd April 2013. This will mean missing my favourite TV show of all time, as a new series starts at the end of March. However, I’ve now decided to extend this to 7th April 2013 – as I wanted to complete another full week, so that will be EIGHT weeks.

Although this started off as an idea for something to give up during Lent, I’ve decided to extend it and make it a seven week marathon; all so I can try and raise some money for the wonderful Living by Giving Trust.

It’s all going well so far, and I’ve now completed SIX weeks of no television, and have now decided to extend my sponsored no TV till the 13th April.

It may seem like a trivial quest, but for me it’s a very hard thing to do. Although, by the same token, I’m well aware that my trial is nothing when compared to the plight of others – that is why I’m doing it, to help them.

Any sponsorship that you, lovely reader, can give towards the Living by Giving Trust would be very much appreciated. All money will go towards the many projects that the charity supports. All our projects are to help give young people new experiences, take a look at our projects so far: More to come..

You can donate here:

4 thoughts on “Six weeks on…(giving up TV)

  1. Dear Matt,
    Congratulations – will keep you specially in prayer until 7th (will you be in Walsingham from 4th?) Sorry I cannot support financially at this time but just wish you both a very blessed and happy Easter.
    Maureen fc

    • Thank you, Maureen – very much appreciated. You have already very kindly sponsored me – handed over at the AGM, so thank you. See you at Walsingham. 🙂

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