Thank you – Dail, Johan & Ali


We would like to thank our three retiring trustees: Dail, Johan and Ali who have decided to retire from the role due to other commitments. We have enjoyed working with each of them, and would like to particularly thank Dail and Johan who helped to found our charity five years ago.

We are planning to announce a few new changes to our structure in the next few months, so please watch this space.

Thank you to our donors for all your support, we really appreciate it.

Matthew Betts, Stephen Daly & Sadie Vile – Trustees

Giving up television


From Matt Betts: “I’ve decided to do the unthinkable (for me anyway) and not watch any television for six and half weeks – which will mean missing my favourite ever programme, which starts on 30 March and so much more.

This is a great deal for me – I watch television most evenings when I finish work, so it’s going to be very tough to find other things to do. However it’ll probably do me some good too and I am looking forward to the challenge!

To help me through this torturous period, I would like to try and raise much needed money for the Living by Giving Trust. If you can help, I would be grateful for any sponsorship – whatever you can afford.

All money will go towards the many projects of the Living by Giving Trust. Take a look at all of these, here.

If you would like to sponsor me, please visit:

The Living by Giving Trust Welcomes a New Trustee

After an interview process, we are very pleased to announce a new trustee.

From Johan Bergström-Allen: “As Chair of Living by Giving I’m delighted to welcome Ali Bergström-Allen to our board of trustees. Since she happens to be my little sister I’m more used to teasing than praising Ali, but my fellow trustees and I are very confident that she will bring great skills to the role, as well as a sparkling personality and commitment to making the world a better place. We’re so glad that she’ll be joining our team, and her experience in business, management, IT and artistic production will greatly enhance our work. Thank you for sharing your time and dedication with us Ali, and welcome!”

We all welcome Ali to the board of trustees.

Ali said: “Hello Everyone! I have followed the wonderful work that the Living by Giving Trust has done so far, and I am incredibly honoured to be part of such a great team! I know that I am a very fortunate person, and am hugely grateful for everything that I have in my life. The Living By Giving Trust stands for everything I believe in…that everyone deserves a good quality of life and that ‘those who have must help those who have not’. I’ve had experience with volunteer work, both for charities and for events, and I hope to bring some of my experience to the group. Really looking forward to the year ahead!!”

Johan Bergström-Allen, Chair (2011 – 2012)

New Trustees Wanted

After a successful first year, the Living by Giving Trust is looking to appoint two
new trustees who will help us develop our projects yet further. We invite applications
from people who are…

  • enthusiastic about the contribution that charities make to society
  • able to demonstrate their commitment to voluntary work
  • supportive of our aims to improve the condition of people’s lives, as described in our Trust Deed and on our website (
  • willing to work as part of a team of Trustees, which meets about four times a year, normally in London
  • able to add skills to our Board, such as fundraising, publicity, outreach, administration, etc

To apply please send a letter of introduction by Friday 25 November 2011 to Matt Betts by emailing: For further information, please contact our chairman, Johan Bergström-Allen, by

Successful applicants will be invited to interview in central London on the evening of Friday 2 December 2011.

Trust-ing in people’s goodness

I’m writing this short blog on a train travelling from York down to London where we’re about to have the first meeting of the trustees of the Glanfield Hospitalite Trust. It’s an exciting occasion because I know there’s so much energy and enthusiasm out there amongst people who want to make the world a better and more loving place, and GHT is going to do its best to help them help others.

Almost as exciting… once the trustees have got through the agenda – a heavy one for our first meeting – we’re going to have a curry together. It’s hard work doing stuff for charity!